Public Smoking Zones.

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Public Smoking Zones

It is well known that there are laws against public smoking zones, but the truth of the matter is that some businesses such as restaurants, bars, or any public facilities need smokers. It may sound crazy, but some of these businesses are owned by small business owners. The small business owners need smokers to help ensure their business. The ratio of smoker to non smoker is almost 2 to 1. That means there are almost as many smokers as there are non smokers. The point i am getting at is that smokers give business to the businesses, plain and simple. If we looked at the point of view a smoker and there was a sign by a restaurent that said no smoking, do you think that smoker would go inside? Probably not, it is a fact that this has angered some bar and restaurant owners. How are they to make living with this ban on public smoking zones? If bans on public smoking continues you could see a number of bars and restaurants go out of businesses.

Outside smoking zones are not as big a problem to smoke free advocates, but the biggest concern to these advocates are enclosed areas such a the inside of bars and restaurants. This is one of the strongest arguments for the smoke free advocates. An enclosed enviroment would not suite non smokers because of second hand smoking, which can lead to cancer. There have been a number of these laws that have outlawed smoking in these enclosed zones. These laws have been like a wall for bar and restaurant owners. They have been losing a lot of business to this law. The answers for these owners are to either live with it or find an alternative way to let the...