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Introduction to coursework

This coursework is based on creating any type of publication which can be considered from the following options.

Holiday brochure

Club newsletter

Annual report

Parish Magazine

Company newsletter

User support manual

Instructions for - Health and Safety or Induction booklet

Concert or Play programme

Services brochure

The publication is created for a business considering the business's needs and the purpose of why create the publication? There can be many reasons the publication can be created for; to show an audience the services they offer and why they should use them. To complete the publication for the chosen business the deadline is set for the last week of January 2008. During this time I have many tasks which I need to complete in order for the publication is free from any flaws.

Tasks to complete Publication

Firstly the main important factor is to select the business which I will create the publication for and brief them.

The other tasks are stimulated after the brief which are:

Creating a time plan - A time plan is very important to complete this coursework and the publication. It will allow me to organise the tasks which I will require to complete the project. I will also save time by planning before hand and setting the tasks. This will allow me to see which tasks I need to complete in order to move towards the next task. By creating a time plan, I will save valuable time of organising instead of thinking the tasks while I am working. This will create confusion and could cause the deadline to be cancelled.

Research - Research into the published material, costs, different styles and production methods. The research is important as will allow me to select the appropriate materials required by the client and...