Puck's Diary

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PUCK'S DIARY PAGE Last night was one of the funny nights when some bunch of mortal people come in the wood.This time the people who came were four lovers, who are all just fools and nothing else.

Everything started when my great but stupid master Oberon told me to make his wife fall in love with a funny creature.We decided to use the juice of a western flower which could make two people fall in love, to make Titania fall in love with an ass.I told Obi that I could go around the world in forty minutes.Oh he just believed me"¦I love when I do this"¦He thinks that this old story is true.It was true till I changed the part about the location of the flower.It isn't far, It can be found in a place close to Athens.

When I brought the flower, Obi told me that I should also use the juice on a young Athenian man to make him love a girl who loves him.

A man with the Athenian garments.

After some time I saw two sleeping mortals.They weren't sleeping together, they were away from each other like 8 meters.I was bored from walking around all the time so I just put the juice on the eyes of the Athenian.

My next job was to translate a mortal man into an ass.I found a stupid mortal man in the forest with his friends and he was just the kind of a man I needed.I used this guy to make Titania love him.Oh yeah, at last I finished my job.(At least I thought so) But the game wasn't over yet.Obi, the great lord of the woods, told me that the Athenian wasn't the correct Athenian so now I needed to change everything.But WHY?Love isn't a real thing.We should let the blind idiot shoot who ever he wants.Love is not real if someone causes it, there is no possibility now that the Athenian will love the girl which he loved before.I can make him love even his own big and fat bum.I can never understand mortals.I also can never understand Oberon and Titania.Why does Obi need to help the fairies?He should just sit on histhrone and rule his fairies.Titania is also a stupid person.She loves the Indian guy"¦She LOVES him!!!LOVE oh it is just"¦Like I said before!!! The night was really funny and I changed everything back to normal in the morning"¦I just wanted to play"¦I could just make things like Obi wanted in 40 seconds"¦I could also write this page in one second in my mind and put it on paper by using my magic"¦I also could"¦"¦"¦"¦"¦"¦"¦