The Pueblo Revolt Of 1680

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The Pueblo Revolt of 1680 has been discussed by many historians. The cause of this successful revolt is still being debated today. The perspective of Henry Bowden best describes the reason for this uprising as religion. He discusses the force of Christianity upon the Indians, the destruction of the Indians? religious items, and how most of the churches were burnt down and clergy were killed. His article is of superlative quality because of reliable sources with anthropological views, an excellent explanation of why the Indians tolerated the Spanish for so long, and the comparisons and contrasts of the religious systems and how the differences cause turmoil in New Mexico.

Religion is thought to be the cause of the Pueblo Revolt for many reasons. First, Catholicism was forced upon the Pueblos. The Spaniards came into the territory looking for riches and ended up trying to replace the Pueblos? religion with their own.

This is completely wrong because you can not force someone to believe something they do not. The Indians have their own beliefs and the Spanish should have accepted that. ?The Spanish Crown made the conversion of Indians to Christianity central to its enterprises in the New World? and New Mexico became a center for missionaries. Bowden states that the instruction of natives in Catholicism was the whole purpose for Spain?s claim to the American empire. (4) Spreading from town to town, building churches and living quarters for the Spanish, the Franciscans successfully planted missions among the Pueblos. Friars concentrated on baptizing and converting the Indians into Christians and forced them to follow the Catholic faith. This force caused controversy with the Pueblos. There is no doubt that the Indians feared the malicious Spanish and the unnecessary death they would encounter for not abiding by the new rules. The Spanish...