Puerto Ricans In United States

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Puerto Ricans In United States

Cindy A. Delgado Guzman

Eth 125 Cultural Diversity

Axia College of University of Phoenix

Mr. Michael Seller

March 4, 2007

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Puerto Ricans

Puerto Ricans did immigrated to United States and it all started back 1945. "Close to nine hundred thousand persons enumerated as residents of the United States by the last national census, taken in 1960. That total was largely the result of migration from Puerto Rico during the post World War II period and the decade of the 1650s. For the same fifteen years, Puerto Rico's own resident population remained at a total of about tow million three hundred thousand. Since few Puerto Ricans live elsewhere, it can be said that the migrant group living on the mainland comprises approximately thirty percent of all Puerto Ricans in an out of the island. The present essay attempts to present a concise summary of the geographic movement and settlement of Puerto Ricans within the United States from 1950 to 1960, based on data drawn from the Census taken on the latter date.

Fairly extensive information was available because in 1960 the United States of the Census considered Puerto Ricans a key segment of the national population. Although largely composed of United States citizens by birth the Puerto Rican community was frequently distinguish from the general population from ethic groups of foreign birth or immediate extraction, and from the racial categories of non-white and American Negro. Most Puerto Rican residents of the United States live in a "colonial" or urban nucleus marked by dense settlement, provision from manifestation of the Puerto Ricans social identity and way of behavior and by frequently of internal activity and dependence. Puerto Ricans colonias have also constituted the primary context for migration and dispersal- which usually...