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PULP FICTION Shit The word ¡§shit¡¨ is used as a single utterance which is used to express one¡¦s feeling towards somethings. For example, when Jules (Samuel L Jackson) is being tricked, he expresses his anger by saying ¡§Shit!¡¨ ¡§Shit¡¨ is also used a lot to as the word ¡§thing¡¨. Vincent (John Travolta) says that: He isn¡¦t gonna have a sense of humor about that shit.

In this line, ¡§shit¡¨ can be refers to a possible adultery he talked about in the previous conversation. And in line: No, forget it, it's too risky. I'm through doing that shit.

The ¡§shit¡¨ means robbing a bank which is ¡§too risky¡¨. In these two examples, ¡§shit¡¨ is used to refer to things the characters are talking about. And by using ¡§shit¡¨, the characters convey a sense of contempt to the things they are talking about.

However, shit is also used to refer to things which the characters have no contempt to at all.

The line: It's real, real, real, good shit It is spoken by a drug dealer, the ¡§shit¡¨ is referring to drugs. The character is selling his drugs and is sincerely admiring his drug. We can see that ¡§shit¡¨ is used as ¡§thing¡¨, however, it shows the speaker¡¦s attitude towards the thing referred. And the attitude can be either positive or negative.

Asshole The words ¡§asshole¡¨ and ¡§motherfucker¡¨ are used as one single utterance to curse people. We find that when a character is really angry at other characters, he will call them ¡§asshole¡¨ or ¡§motherfucker¡¨. ¡§Asshole¡¨ is always used to express anger or hatred towards another person, however, ¡§motherfucker¡¨ is not.

Motherfucker ¡§Motherfucker¡¨ is used to show contempt towards other people but it is also used to address people without any attitude invovled. In Marsellus¡¦s...