"Pulp Fiction" as a Reflection of the American Society

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To answer the question: how the movie pulp fiction is a reflection of the American society? We must acknowledge that both the movie and society have a common element: Violence. If we take a closer look, violence is intimately connected with revenge. Both elements conform a vicious circle, where they bust each other; violence is feed by revenge and vice versa. Throughout the essay, we are going to explain this social behavior, analyzing the causes of violence and its consequences, stating revenge as its key element and the moral values that sustain it and postpone it from generation to generation.

Violence is by definition: Physical force exerted for the purpose of violating, damaging, or abusing. Crimes of violence. Assuming this definition, the movie pulp fiction, develops these three elements to their maximum, death is the punishment for characters that refuse to redeem themselves despite being given several opportunities to do so.

Most of the major characters have committed major crimes: Vincent and Jules are assassins, Ringo and Yolanda rob liquor stores, and Butch swindles Marsellus and kills Vincent. During the movie each of them experience distinct, inner impulses that leads them to create violence by damaging, abusing or violating society.

The question will now be: why does these inner impulses suddenly appear inside these characters and force them to generate violence? We could say that they are partly determined by what the person has suffered in the past by acts of violence against him or her, or the natural human inner fear that is established since they are born to maintain order and make society laws affective. Both eventualities are conformed by revenge in the sense that, both cases are unbearable memories of the past that turn material and effective through violence.

If we take a closer look at our...