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"Pulp Fiction" is a quick glimpse into the life of some real-time people who don't necessarily make dirty money, but I wouldn't call it clean. Marcellus Wallace is the boss. He runs pretty much everything around that city and from rumors spread he's pretty ruthless. When you see Marcellus Wallace you notice he's always wearing a band-aid on the back of his neck. According to theological history, when the devil had someone willing to give up their soul he would pull it from the base of their skull in the back.

There are two men that work for him, Vincent and Jewels. They represent the angels in this movie. Maybe not angels but they're in God's company. They're very opposite on their views of religion in that Jewels knows there's a God but Vince is more skeptical and plays the devil's advocate in their religious discussions. The job that they're on requires them to go find and retrieve the soul of Marcellus Wallace.

It's being held in an apartment building by a man named Bret. On a religious scale I'm not sure exactly what tier Bret is on but he's somehow the messenger or courier of the soul. It could be that Marcellus' soul was stolen too, that part of the movie is still a little cloudy. When they arrive at Bret's apartment they walk in and start shooting the shit with the three men in the room (Bret, Marvin, and some guy on the couch). Vince is sent to look for the briefcase which is what's used to transport the soul. The combination to this briefcase just happens to be 666, the devil's calling card. When he opens the briefcase a brilliant golden light is cast upon Vince's face and for a moment...