Punctuality is overrated as a virtue, do you think so?

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Punctuality is overrated as a virtue

It is indisputable fact that the punctuality is a virtue, but there are some strong arguments that show it is overrated. These arguments can be classified into a few different classifications such as the quality of solutions limited by time, the possible tolerance for the late-comers, effective time and other qualifications referring to the time-work relation. Doubtlessly, being on time is important, but in most cases it is not crucial.

There are special types of issues that need special and original solutions, the quality of the solutions should not be jeopardized by any time limits. Most people offer better solutions to various problems when they are given more time. In those situations, the stress is lower and more spontaneous atmosphere is created. Relaxed atmosphere is an ideal medium for solving complicated issues. A good example for this argument is the implementation of the Ohrid Framework Agreement. Fast implementation of the agreement can cause some complication of the situation in future.

The tolerance for the late-comers is an important point concerning punctuality. Tolerance is recommended and positive only if the person has appropriate and fair reason. The tolerance limit is also important. For example, if there is a late-comer in a class, she should be allowed in if she is not too late i.e. if the class has not started working. In reality, the occasions of a late-comer entering the lesson after it has started are really rare. There should be tolerance for people which are not punctual to that extend to which they do not disturb the process in progress.

The whole process of evaluation the work finished per time is wrong .There are many examples of people working all day, but yet, at the evening their work has the same...