The punic wars.

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The Punic War has three parts during the war between Rome and Carthage. The first Punic War lasted from 264 B.C through 241 B.C. The Carthaginians had conquered a part of Spain. The Romans went to investigate on what the Carthaginians were doing. As a result the Carthaginians attacked the soldiers and that is how the first Punic War began. The Carthaginians had a better navel fleet, which was an advantage to them.

On the Roman side their navel fleet was not as strong as the Carthage's fleet. The Romans came up with a plan that might be able to fight off the Carthage fleet. After building their first large navy, the Romans defeated a Carthaginian fleet off the Sicilian port of Mylae in 260 B.C, but failed to capture Sicily. For the next 13 years the war was fought in the area of Sicily. It ended with a major naval victory for the Romans in 241 B.C.

The Romans plan was a success due to the victory of the Roman fleet.

Hamilcar Barca, a distinguished Carthaginian general of the First Punic War, devoted the remainder of his life to building up Carthaginian power in Spain to compensate for the loss of Sicily. His son Hannibal became commander of the Carthaginian forces in this area in 221 B.C. Hannibal, commander of the Carthaginian army, marched a large army of about 40,000 soldiers on the backs of 40 elephants across the Alps to attack the Romans in Italy. In 219 B.C he attacked a Spanish city allied with Rome, which became to be known as the Second Punic War that lasted from 218 B.C through 201 B.C. In 218 B.C Hannibal swiftly marched 40,000 soldiers and 40 elephants through Spain and Gaul and across the Alps to attack the Romans in...