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I think yesterday was poor class because some of students are throwing paper and talking a loud. Yesterday I was not good because I was talking with my friend. I don¡¯t know why they are throw the paper. It was like mess and poor class. If we have Mr.Piffer that time then they can¡¯t throwing paper but they are throwing paper then he will give a detention.

I think if we have sub teacher then students are mess around and talking like that. You know if sub teacher is too old then he or she is not giving a detention. I think we¡¯re broke a rule on yesterday. Right now I feel like sorry to Mr. Piffer. I think I should get a detention because I was talking and playing with my friend. I didn¡¯t listening about sub teacher saying. I think respect means careful to listening when teacher saying like that.

If some of student throwing paper or talking then we have to tell them like don¡¯t do it but we didn¡¯t tell them. We was like laughing when they¡¯re throwing paper. We¡¯re just enjoying when they¡¯re throwing paper. So, I think we have to respect when teacher saying. Yesterday if we was like quite and respect to sub teacher then Mr. Piffer will be not mad and we¡¯re not going to do this. I think if Mr. Piffer knows about who throw that paper then he will be giving detention and punishment to them. Today I learn about lots of thing. First, if when teacher saying then listening very carefully and don¡¯t be mass around.

However, If we have sub teacher next time then we should respect and don¡¯t be mass around to sub teacher. Maybe if we like talking, throwing paper, and don¡¯t listening to sub teacher then he or she sub teacher feel this class is so bad or like that. And then sub teacher will tell the teacher then he feel like mad or something like that to us. I promise if we have sub teacher next time then I will listening very carefully and don¡¯t mass around to sub teacher.