Punishment for children

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It is my opinion that in today's world children aren't punished enough . children should be punished more to ensure that they understand what they did wrong and to show what the consequences will be if they continue to commit the same wrong doing, I am in no way condoning the use of corporal punishment nor am I saying that kids should be hit. There should be alternative means of punishment such as taking away of things that are importance to the children, a grounding of sorts. Thus said do not hit your kids, but instead punish them by any means necessary to ensure that todays youth gets the message "enough is enough"

Children will never see the consequences of their bad actions untill they are punished for what they have done, or some will say, lets take for example a child who breaks into houses and steals things.

believe it or not there are parents who will let their children get away with this. This is very wrong and should never be the case. children who do this should be given serious punishment that will lead them to understand what they did was wrong.