Punishment Or Extremism

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Punishment OR Extremism The worse happens when a rape is committed. Nothing else within the realms of humanity can be more destroying or devastating for a person. The sense of losing your freedom, the feeling of invasion and being attacked without any fault of your own could be fatally frustrating. The one feeling, and the only one I guess, which I think can be worse than the feeling of being raped is being falsely accused of raping. They demand the ultimate penalty for rapists, but do they know the various circumstances under which a rape can occur? When is a rape actually a rape? The IPC defines rape as forceful penetration of the penis in to a women's vagina. Anything else (viz.. molestation, sexual assaults, exposure to adultery, etc ) is not rape, even though I believe they could be more devastating. Law here does not recognize rape of a male at all.

If such a crime were to happen against any of my sister, friend or a relative, I would sure find ways to kill the accused. But I m an individual (guess that entitles me to act like dharmendra). The government on the other hand is an institution, which practically runs the country. It has certain responsibilities. It cannot go around killing people in order to get even with criminals. What is rape for a woman could be setting fire to the harvest for a farmer. Both are crimes and extreme too to the respective victims. So could be many others to other people. Can we become extremists? Can eye for an eye be the rule to run a nation? No. There are criminals who rape for pleasure, some do it as a revenge, some believe it's their right, some other are mentally sick, some don't rape but are accused of it. Do we really have a strong judicial system that can responsibly analyze the crime and serve justice? Surely everyone knows the answer to this one.

A very strong argument came from the other side giving examples of UAE and Saudi Arabia. I guess if anyone has seen the real condition of women in those countries, they would not argue. Rapes that occur in the Middle East are never reported. Because it is legal to kill women if they are found to be having any relationships whatsoever with men other than their brothers or husbands. It's legal to marry "˜n' number of times you want to (only for men). Women in general have no say in life. The rules are laid and broken by men. Well if I were to go further in to details of a women's life in an extremist country, I'd have to write a book. In short I would prefer to be raped several times in India than live a life somewhere in the Middle East.

As seen ever, in any democracy the largest use of any law is the misuse of it. And we Indians find loopholes before laws are framed. Implementation occurs after expiry of the causes. Soon we may have demands for death penalty for those who hack in to computers, or break in to homes or don't submit their assignments. So that means we are looking at a bunch of politicians trying to win women's votes on one hand and a bunch of frustrated women activists looking to get even with some men on the other. On a more serious note I m not trying to make a mockery of the whole issue, my point is our society is not mature enough to handle such laws.

What say u?