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Training Your Puppy Have you ever had to train a puppy? I am in the process of training my puppy and can help a person having problems with a situation like this one. There are many steps that a person must take in order to train their new puppy successfully. Teaching a puppy to use the bathroom outside, not to bite hard, and not to bite on their leash are three main situations that a puppy must learn to make your life easier.

Teaching your puppy to use the bathroom outside is one of the hardest things to do when it comes to training your puppy. By allowing your puppy to use the bathroom everywhere and anywhere it wants to, you are going to have an adult dog that will continue to do this the rest of their life. The first step that must be taken is watching your puppy very closely.

You have to follow them wherever they go. A puppy cannot control itself very well at this point in their life so they will use the bathroom wherever they happen to be at that point in time. When watching your puppy, you will usually be able to tell when he or she is fixing to relieve himself or herself. If you see the puppy beginning to squat down, quickly pick the puppy up and put them in their designated spot. What if I cannot be at home all of the time? There is a way to also train your puppy even when you are away from home. Buy the puppy a small kennel where they feel safe and enclosed. This needs to be where they stay during the day while you are gone and where they should sleep at night. This is the approach that I have used and my puppy is now comfortable with his cage. This is a good thing to use because if the puppy does have to use the bathroom while you are not home they have no choice but to use the bathroom there. There is Chad Parmer-Pg 2 also a good chance that the puppy will not use the bathroom where they sleep. Most dogs avoid messing up the place that they sleep in. This also saves your carpet.

The next step in training your puppy to be a good dog is teaching it how to not bite hard. Biting is a very serious situation that a dog needs to learn in order to socialize with other dogs and most importantly people. The best way for a puppy to learn how hard is too hard for them to bite is from their mother, brothers, and sisters. The only problem is that the puppies are taken away from their families before they are old enough to be taught by them. The best way to help them learn is by allowing them to play with other puppies. In this situation the puppy will learn from the other puppy that they are biting too hard. You can teach a dog not to bite, but you cannot teach a dog not to bite hard. Letting your puppy socialize with other puppies will help enormously when it comes to their future reactions to things. My brother also has a puppy the same age as mine and we let them play together everyday. This will help them to not be aggressive or fearful if something startles or aggravates them. You should also allow your dog to socialize with a small child when the puppy is still very young. Let the child pull on the puppy's legs, tail, and ears and then let the dog know that this is okay. This will keep the puppy from getting aggressive later in life if this situation occurs. Everyone wants a sweet, nice dog and these are very successful ways to accomplish this.

The last important step in training your puppy is teaching them to wear a collar and use a leash. When you first apply the collar to the puppy's neck it is normal for the puppy to squirm, roll, and claw at the collar. Let the puppy do this. It should only take a few hours at the most for a puppy to become adjusted to their collar. Once your puppy is comfortable with the collar you can move on to the leash. A leash is always a difficult step because the puppy thinks that it is a toy. This is not what you want your puppy to think. Use the leash inside at first, walk it around the house for a while to help them get used to it. Let the puppy lead you first; do not drag the puppy around by the leash because this could cause the puppy to become afraid of it. When the puppy finally becomes comfortable indoors then move the action outdoors. Some helpful information that I read said that if the puppy continues to bite the leash, then put something like Tabasco sauce on it so the puppy tastes it and will not want to bite the leash anymore.

Training a puppy is a very difficult, patience-testing task, but in the end when you have a well trained dog it will be well worth it. These three steps, potty training, biting, and leash training, are very important in training your dog to be good. Just be patient and the dog will eventually learn the things that are necessary for it to be successful.