Purchasing a vehicle in North America: Comparsion between Honda Civic and Honda Hybrid.

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Due to the recent conflicts in the Middle East and the exploitation of the world's natural oil resources, the entire globe is experiencing an oil crisis. Because of the ongoing gas prices, it is difficult to decide what car to buy. There are several things that should be considered when purchasing a vehicle: type of the motor, car performance and safety. When looking for a reliable and economic city car for the North American market, the two best choices are Honda Civic Hybrid and Honda Civic LX.

Honda Civic Hybrid has two types of engines working together simultaneously; a regular gas powered one, and an electric motor powered by a rechargeable nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH) battery pack. There is an important fact to be aware of when purchasing a hybrid car. It is not possible for a hybrid car to run solely on the electro motor unaided. It can not run without gas.

The electro motor is there just to assist the regular gas powered engine. When driving downhill or coming to a full stop, the hybrid car turns off its gas engine and switches to the electro motor. When driving in city surroundings, switching to electro motor is an advantage to save on the fuel consumption. At lower speeds, the Civic hybrid uses its electro motor leaving the gas powered engine in a stand-by mode. Should the drive get more demanding the car automatically switches the engine back to the gas powered motor. The whole process of switching between the regular gas engine and the electro motor is seamless, and therefore the driver does not feel any difference. Hybrid cars are seen as being an advantage only when driving in city conditions where the drive requires more frequent stops and lower speeds. When driving on highway conditions, the fuel...