Pure-n-Clean International Marketing Plan: Phase One

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Pure-n-Clean water filtration systems are set to penetrate Mexican residential and tourist markets. EMCs will be helpful with the transition and planning. The plan will provide a brief product description, a geographic market description, and an environmental analysis. The plan also includes a SWOTT analysis for the company's introduction to the market.

Product DescriptionDrinking water in Mexico is infamously known as dangerous. Tourists consuming unfiltered tap water in Mexico face serious consequences, including illnesses ranging from stomach cramps to death from severe diarrhea and dehydration. According to Cancun South, "the water table in most of Mexico is very close to the surface and is contaminated by garbage dumps and runoff" (Simpson, 2009). Several times a year, stories about tourists getting severely ill from brushing teeth or drinking beverages containing ice are reported. This news can be distressing to the tourist business in Mexico. If this situation is not properly addressed, long-term impacts can devastate the tourist industry and the financial welfare of Mexico.

Pure-n-Clean offers water filtration systems to homes and tourist attractions and resorts. Filters range in size from small pitchers to complete residential and commercial systems. Resorts and restaurants will be able to guarantee tourist's safety when drinking water, brushing teeth, and consuming beverages containing ice. Commercial grade water filters are attached to the main water line in each building. Every drop of water entering a building will be filtered completely free of harmful organisms, enabling the resort to function without concern of legal action or illness to customers. The pitcher and residential systems offer smaller scale water filtering. The pitcher filtration system enables people to filter water for his or her own consumption, while the residential system enables local families in Mexico to have the same clean water advantages that larger resorts have.

Geographic Market...