Pure-n-Clean International Marketing Plan: Phase Two

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Pure-n-Clean International Marketing Plan: Phase TwoPure-n-Clean water filtration systems are set to penetrate Mexican residential and tourist markets. This second phase of the international marketing plan introduces the final steps for market penetration. The plan will describe targeted market segments, explain positioning of the product, and address product, promotional, and pricing strategies. The plan also includes a brief description of channels of distribution and modes of entry.

Market Segment and PositioningIdentifying a target market segment is essential to the success of any company, especially one entering new markets. Pure-n-Clean is a water filtration company entering Mexico. The company will offer water filtration systems ranging in size from commercial systems to personal, portable units. Initially, Pure-n-Clean will concentrate on two market segments, giving the company growth options and expanding product life cycle.

Pure-n-Clean’s initial strategy entails using geographic segmentation. Pure-n-Clean will target high tourist areas, such as Cancun, Cozumel, and Los Cabos.

Hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions require clean and safe water to offer to customers. This product line will offer a solution to these needs. If Mexican tourist companies are able to guarantee safe drinking water, they will be able to expand business and retain customers without fear of lawsuits and negative word of mouth. Clients will be reached via a direct sales team in the area and trade shows.

Lifestyle Segmentation will be Pure-n-Clean’s secondary target market. Travelers, bottled water consumers, and health conscious people fall in this category. These people are currently using filtered water products or are people concerned about their health - an easy fit for Pure-n-Clean, especially for portable units. Pure-n-Clean intends to reach this target market using advertising vehicles, such as billboards, and travel magazines.

Product StrategyMexico’s consumers are known to be large consumers of bottled water, even surpassing the U.S. in the...