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Rebecca Fohl

AP History

Block 4

14 September 2014

How did the Puritans ideas and values Influence the political, economic and social development of the New England colonies from 1630 to 1660?

In the following 10 documents (document A to J) the values of political, economic and social development are discussed. The values and ideals of some topics change over time and some remains the same.

Document A summarizes some of social ideals of the puritans in 1930. In the document John Winthrop talks about how a Puritan community should suffer and work together as one. Basically this means that every member of the community should take others feeling as his own, treat others as one would want to be treated. If the community does not stick together than other communities may look at the town and judge them as one. Basically a "City on a Hill". The eyes of others are watching and if one fails the world will judge them.

Document B is a town map of colonial New England. The map shows a high population density of people's homes and community buildings. It created a sense of a close community. Everyone in the community acted as one. The town supported an education system as well as taking everyone's opinions into consideration at the towns meeting house to discuss issues in the community.

Document C talks more about the social ideals of the puritan community in 1936. Some of the social ideals were to spread the word of god to church and non church members. The puritans of this time took this seriously. They had a system to make sure children had the correct education so they could understand the Bible/ gospel. They also had Harvard College to further the education of men to spread the word of...