Puritan Influences On Modern America

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The Puritans had a distinct and influential impact on society, most noticeably in social areas. In the face of adversity, coming to the "˜new world', the Puritans turned to their faith to guide them. It was considered blasphemous to do many things, in turn, creating a standard to live by. While we may not stand by these specific standards today, the Puritans created a strong base for moral values in America.

Not only was their faith a testament to the will of the American, but their ingenuity stood out as well. Their architecture was different, but it had its reason. Simple, effective, efficient, while not excessively beautiful or over done. The reasoning behind this was not to overshadow God and His presence in all our daily activities.

However, the Puritan contributions to modern America have not all been good. In "The Origins Debate: Slavery and Racism in Seventeenth-Century Virginia", Richard Vaughan argues that racism was a precursor to the eventual slavery that came over America during the country's early years.

It is well documented that the white man, especially the puritans, has felt a sense of superiority, mostly based from their special relationship with God.