Puritan Society During the 1600's

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Throughout history, many people have wanted to create a model society. During the 1600's, Puritans in New England tried to establish a perfect society. The settlers sought to create a colony that was free, contained a strong sense of religion, and was perfect and admired.

The Puritans tried to create a liberated society. They first wanted to be free from England. They wanted to prevent what had gone wrong in England from happening in their colonies. In England, many people faced persecution because of their beliefs. Many people came to America seeking religious freedom. During the reign of Charles I in England, the only way people could get religious freedom was to sail to America, mostly to the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Here, the settlers placed a very strong emphasis on religious freedom. The Puritans ended up constructing the Massachusetts Bay Colony based on their religious freedoms and beliefs. The colonists managed to accomplish many of these goals.

But a few of these goals did not go as they had originally wished. The freedoms in America eventually became the same as it was in England, because the government taxed all the people, church members or not, and they enforced a law forcing people to attend church services. The Puritans fulfilled the freedoms that they wanted, but these liberties did not last long.

The settlers also wanted their colonies to have a very strong sense of religion. The New England Puritans were very intense in religious matters. They wanted to be a very holy society. To ensure this, the church and the government worked together; the religion was very closely connected with the Puritan political structure. Their mixture of religion and politics was based on self-government, limited government, individualism, and the community's right to control, meaning that the community could control...