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The Massachusetts Bay Colony, which was a few years later and farther north, had a far more substantial effect on the future of the United States than the towns, south of Boston.

Massachusetts is not known nearly as well as Plymouth is to Americans, but Massachusetts played a huge role in the time period for American history. The Puritan lifestyle and strict beliefs largely effected the reason the Salem Witch Trials took place.

In 1625, Charles I began his duration at the throne. This was terrible for the Puritans because Charles was a strong anti-Puritan. With Charles at the throne, many English people began believing that the country was heading for a fall. They started foreshadowing the war between Charles and the Parliament.

The English started talking and making plans to try their luck in the New World instead of sticking around to watch their country fall to pieces. The pressure for the Puritans to give up their religious beliefs was also becoming intolerable.

War in Europe prevented them of trying a different area than the New World.

The Puritans wanted to create a godly society in America. They thought it was a possibility to set an example that the rest of the world could follow. The Puritans thought that their colony would be completely different from the settlement at Plymouth because they had a goal to make an impact on the rest of the world (The Puritan Family, 37).

Most of the Puritans were plain people: farmers and different kinds of craftsmen.

Although some were well-educated gentlemen. The movement did not consist of just one single group of Puritans. Several groups were aware that they all had the same idea to go to the new world.

The first attempt at coming to the New World began with a Puritan...