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Purple When time has passed, many years from now, it seems that they will say, "Remember the boy whose color was purple, whose dreams were so right and he went the wrong way?" To them, maybe, but to me it was rihgt, They couldnt understand Burning candles all night, The rooster would crow The sun would rise My mind would blow Purple sunsets in the skies Go away! Go away! And leave me alone Dont bother to see if I am at home! For I am wrapped up in purple to give and to take, The woodlands little flowers, gave color for me to make, Dyes colored purple, eyes colored me, Freinds trapped Poets clapped Drink of good purple's strongest they say you see the lights of great visions when you can pay So I'll wear this color purple and sing it along, from the light shades of lavender, 'till it gets dark and strong And I'll mix it in my candles and burn it by the day, I'll set fire to the old house, and clasp the sun's ray, In purple color,and send it to me, For purple, is only what they color me!