Purple Bear

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Thomas Fernandes


English 10

Lonely Purple Bear

Hello my name is T.J the purple bear and my mother are brown bear. I don't know why I am purple probably genetic come from my great thousand grandpas. My always sign to me that how we commutate and my father can hear me and he also does sign language. I also have secret power to defense myself my head is make out of steel and metal it hard it wouldn't hurt if someone punch me in the face, I have hot red laser that can burn thing it look like a red beam it come out my fingertip. It was new day because we got a new house. And I also have new school it where all people sign to each other and talk to each other. I sign too and I also talk too but at old school I don't have a lot friend because I was purple. I tell you why later so let talk about me. I have a lot hard time to make friend because they think I dumb. I was inside the house with my mother and they always worry about me. I was playing game on television all day.

My mom asks me "T.J why don't you go outside and put on rollerblade on and go around the neighbor?"

I respond "Sure that sound really fun"

So I was skating around the neighbor and I was waving to people and some of them wave back and some other didn't. I don't know why they didn't wave me back and I kind of feeling upset but I didn't until I see something. It was in School Park and I went over there and I saw playground so I went over there. I try to meet...