Purpose of Documents

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Purpose Of Documents And

How Each Is Used By Bonnington Holiday Villages

Confirmation Letter

This is a business document, it is sent to the customers of a business to clarify what the customers have ordered, from goods to services.

Bonnington Holiday Villages may use confirmation letters to send to the customers detailing what the customers requested such as to book accommodation or confirming the customers' reservation.

Purchase Order Request

A purchase order request is a business document that is sent out to the Purchasing department, listing the stocks that need to be ordered when they are at its lowest point.

Bonnington Holiday Villages orders perishable goods from its local suppliers and keeps other items in a warehouse, when stock, in the warehouse reaches the re-order level a purchase order request is generated and sent to the Purchasing department.

Purchase Order

When a good/ item is required, it has to be legitimately ordered.

A purchase order is the official order for an item. Goods, on no account are sent out until an official order has been acknowledged.

Bonnington Holiday Villages may use a purchase order document to order some goods, in order for them to do this they will have to send the purchase order to the suppliers.

Despatch Note

A despatch (delivery) note is a business document that states the contents of the package (but not the price). When an item is sent to a customer, a despatch (delivery) note is also forwarded to the customer. The carrier who delivers the goods usually requires a signature and then retains a copy of the delivery note to prove the package arrived intact.

Bonnington Holiday Villages can use this document to check that all of their goods have arrived safely and that there aren't any misunderstandings.


An invoice is a bill...