What is the purpose of education/a school?

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The purpose of a school surrounds a central force bonding a community whose primal focus is learning. In many schools the curriculum is just a building block; extra-curricular activities and leadership roles are designed to help students bridge the fissure of childhood and adulthood. Meanwhile, it enables students to recognize that educational learning is a process of life which requires them to demonstrate progress and achievement as individual learners.

I recall, in year 7, when I first began high school, I had the tendency to not meet homework deadlines. Perhaps, this was due to my weak organizational skills, prioritizing skills or time management skills. I was consulted by one of my teachers and my parents as well, we had a discussion which came to a conclusion that I needed to manage my usage of time more effectively and learn to become more efficient. This skill I learnt from my school was priceless, but incredibly valuable.

It was a lesson of life; unlike the stereotypical ideas on education being entirely based on exam results and academics.

One of the primary purposes of a school is to propel good citizenships, to cultivate characteristics of loyalty, teamwork, courage, risk-taking, respect, and tolerance. In turn this will build up students to be excited learners, who share a thirst for knowledge and learning, motivated learners who strive for excellence and students who feel compelled to pursue areas of talent and interest.

Furthermore, from my numerous experiences I have become a firm believer that a school is entrusted with the position of nurturing students academically, mentally, physically, socially, creatively, culturally and spiritually. In my eyes, education is a curriculum based on a goal that enables students to acquire the necessary skills in the challenging and complex real world.