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Rustic Gifts, Inc. (Rustic Gifts) is a popular gift shop in Maine, accommodating local, national and international tourists. The product offerings at the store are quite popular, to the point that many customers have requested the opportunity to order items over the phone or via a website for items they would like to share or purchase again for future use. As these requests continue to grow in number, we propose a that Rustic Gifts create a website.

Purpose of the Website

Creating a website will offer Rustic Gifts many great benefits. One significant reason is to make Rustic Gifts more accessible to the online community, especially online tourists. Through the website, specialty gifts from Maine could be purchased from anywhere in the world.

The website will enable Rustic Gifts, Inc. to expand the customer base and allow for travelers to keep their vacation alive for months or years to come.

This will also enable Rustic Gifts to increase revenues from repeat customers and increase exposure to more tourism in the Maine area. Rustic Gifts will also be able to market itself through the website via word-of-mouth marketing from customer to customer.

Rustic Gifts would also be able to increase revenue in a way that would be nearly impossible for them to expand at a physical location. Physical expansion would not bring in as many customers that the website can obtain. Customer support is always another reason a website is an important tool. A customer can contact the business with questions and suggestions and in turn receive a return email or phone call to follow up with information needed by the customer. Additional options Rustic Gifts may offer are discounts on merchandise through a website with printable coupons or discounts on discontinued merchandise.

Rustic Gifts can also incorporate the tourism and...