Purposes of Budgeting

Essay by yuivy September 2008

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Budget is a detailed schedule of planned financial activities over a specific time period. Another way of expressing this is that budgeting is basically a system that allows business to achieve its objectives and goals from time to time.

In modern days now, developing a budget has become a very crucial step in every business. There are many purposes that can be served by implementing a budget system. Thus through this budgeting process, there are 5 major purposes that can be resolved which is planning, communication & coordination, allocation of resources, controlling and evaluation.

Planning is probably one of the most obvious purposes of budget. That it allows a business to quantify its revenues and expenses from a previous time period and then make forecast of where the business could be at in the future,For example it could allow the business to add or remove goods and services in order to meet the anticipated demand of the firm for the period.

Communication & coordination is also very important. For a business to operate effectively and efficiently good communication and coordination is no doubt required within the business. The budget can also allow the management to communicate and promote its goals in an expedient manner so that resources can also be coordinated and focused in the key areas. Another importance of having a smooth communication and coordination could well lead to motivate employees by involving them in the budget plan itself.

Allocation of resources is always an issue to all business or perhaps the entire world. In general, all resources are limited and it is no different to business firms. Therefore by using budgets could enable the business to allocate its resources sufficiently through competition. Meaning that in large companies, different departments could strive and compete for the...