Pursuing Criminal Justice In Law Enforcement

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Pursuing Criminal Justice

In Law Enforcement

Dale A. Miller

University of Phoenix


October 9, 2010

Belinda Reed

Pursuing Criminal Justice in Law Enforcement

I. Annotated Bibliography

II. Abstract

III. Introduction

A. Explain details of paper

IV. Definition of Justice

A. Author's definition

B. Current Practices of Law Enforcement

a. Types of practices

b. Primary occupational description of the police officer

c. District Attorney's office and law enforcement investigation

d. Law enforcement on being social workers

C. Changes in security since September 11th

a. The Patriot Act

b. The TSA and its responsibilities

c. Policy and Management structure change

d. The Change of law enforcement and the reaction of society

e. New techniques in law enforcement

D. Future challenges within the next ten years

a. Current to future

b. Author's predictions of future challenges

c. Authors thoughts

E. Conclusion

a. Summary of all four main points

b. Restatement of topic

c. Revisitation of introduction and tying all ideas together

F. References


Annotated Bibliography

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This is a lecture discussing the meaning of justice and the confusion of that meaning. The author explains that many definitions of this term are different from one another. In this series of four lectures, the author discusses first the signification of this word "justice". In his second lecture the author examines natural law. In his third lecture, the author deals with criminal justice. In his concluding lecture, he quarrels with certain notions of justice that have been much puffed up during recent years.

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This journal article from Erica Luna explains...