A puruasive essay to prove that "The fellowship of the ring is unquivocally good for children to read" I got a b+ for it

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"The fellowship of the ring" is unequivocally good for children to read because it teaches them the importance of friendship, courage and wisdom. It also broadens their imaginations by giving them a new world to go to when their facing their own troubles.

Friendship in the "The fellowship of the ring" is displayed throughout the whole book. The strongest friendship in the fellowship would belong to hobbits; it was solid during their life in the shire and grew stronger throughout their adventure. When Frodo volunteered to bear the ring into Mordor, his three hobbit companions dauntlessly accepted the same challenge. Despite the hardships endured throughout their perilous adventure many joyous times were shared between them, which encourages children to build lost lasting friendships. The relationship between Legolas Greenleaf and Gimli son of Gloin was unstable and their feelings towards each other were unfriendly. Throughout the book they resolved their problems and created a strong friendship between the both of them.

This invites children to adopt better judgment about first impressions of strangers. They also learn that making new friendships takes a little courage. Each of the members of the fellowship relied greatly upon the friendship of each other and this is displayed throughout the whole book.

Courage was displayed immensely from every member of the fellowship in "The Fellowship of the ring" During the council of Elrond, Frodo courageously volunteered himself as the bearer of the ring. The people of middle earth might describe it as the most perilous journey ever made. To be surrounded by people twice the size and strength as him, to do this took great courage. Children will hopefully employ Frodo as a role model for themselves and imitate his exemplary actions. Also comparing that Frodo is a small hobbit in a world of people...