Puzzling Pieces Together

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I've wasted so much money on this dress, which I looked forward to wearing for so long, but here I am running away. Running away from what may have been the unsurpassed relationship I ever had. Roger was a wonderful guy, however marrying him just didn't feel right. Maybe it's just mental strain, or maybe it's god's way of telling me there's something more for me. I'm Karen Kay, a 32 year old defense lawyer for K&G attorneys.

Last year I has met Roger, a 35 year old officer for NYPD, while getting my usual cup of coffee from Starbucks. He had brown eyes as deep as the ocean, his teeth were pearls from an oyster and his smile was that of an angel's. I had no change available and therefore was unable to buy my coffee and drove off. A couple minutes later, I was pulled over by a cop

" You are suspected of stealing my heart," he chuckles while handing me the cup of coffee I had left at Starbucks, " I usually can't start my day without caffeine and thought you might need this."

In brief, we had a diminutive conversation and exchanged phone numbers. That was the beginning of a great relationship. Roger was romantic enough, surprising me with flowers and chocolate and showering me with gifts of jewelry. We were madly in love and then a month ago, Roger got down on one knee and proposed to me and I had accepted.

At the altar I had said to him, " I'm sorry, but I can't do this. You are a wonderful guy and any woman would truly be lucky to have you, but this just doesn't feel right. My mind is saying yes, but my heart is saying no."

I ran out...