Pyrrhic Victory the down side of affermative action and the effect in canadian government in particular female and color

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Pyrrhic Victory

Pyrrhic victory is wining at a greater loss. Legislating the representation of races and genders is just that. By enforcing parliament to directly reflect ethnographic aspects of Canada, we are destroying democracy. Yes it would be nice if everyone's interests were proportionally represented, but at what cost?

The female population makes up about 51 percent of the population, yet the parliament consists of about 21 percent females, .65 out of 308 seats. The highest representation of females in a government is in Sweden at 40 percent. Consistently around the world woman are in the minority of the government. Nowhere in the world are they forced to have 50 percent of the governing body.

In Canada woman got the right to vote in the 1920's. Women have fought for this privilege, and now it is taken for granted. Very few women follow or even have an interest in their elected officials.

Their lack of knowledge ties directly into the lack of interest. Since woman are not big voters their issues are not what wins elections. It is hard to have a woman's mandate when very few voted for it. In truth it is everyone's choice to vote and thus make a difference in their future.

I can not understand the fact that this privilege was so hard fought for and now abandoned to the wayside. It begs the question why did woman fight so hard for the right to vote if they were not going to do so anyway.

There are many reasons why women choose not to run for elected office. It is not the male population that is discouraging them from running. In fact females involved in political parties are encouraged to run in hopes they will bring in more popular support. Most reasons come from...