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THE QUAKERS By Melissa Schrader The Quakers Introduction: I. Clothing A. Clothing in the colonies was not very stylish they wore things that we would never want to wear today. The Quakers wore there clothing until they were literally worn out.

1. Men in the New England colonies Men wore shirts of linen; a jacket called a doublet, long woolen stockings, and breeches made of leather, and a high wide brim hat. On Sundays men wore capes, starched collars, and low cut shoes with straps.

2. Women in the New England colonies Women wore linen blouses and full woolen skirts that came to the ankles. They had woolen stockings and leather shoes. They wore a tight bodice over the blouse that was laced together in the front instead of buttons. Over their shoulders they usually wore a white neck cloth. A long white apron and soft white cap completed their dress.

II. Education B. Education in the New England colonies was less a life long process than it is today. Both the church and the state worked together to help support the schools. Most education was vocational. Children were taught in the homes how to perform jobs that they would need as adults. Schools that developed in farming areas were based on the growing season calendar.

1. Education in the southern colonies The colonists in the south were widely scattered, and so not many schools were built. Poor children were apprenticed out and didn't receive much of an education. Later children who lived on small farms went to school in field schools. These schools were run by members of the clergy, and children would attend in the months of April to September. People who were slightly better off, sent their children to private schools. These schools cost more but they...