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Adherence to cardiac therapy for me with coronary artery disease

Study Problem

What problem was the study conducted to resolve?

A research problem identifies an area of concern when a gap exists in the knowledge needed for nursing practice (Burns & Grove, 2003, p. 55). Men diagnosed with coronary artery disease (CAD) require years of treatment to control symptoms, to remain employed, and to function in their normal role in the family (Baird & Pierce, 2001). However, many men in long-term cardiac therapy programs fail to adhere to instructions that are intended to help them achieve rehabilitation goals (Baird & Pierce). Much of the research into cardiac therapy has focused on relationships between variables that have been predetermined to influence adherence behaviors in this population and the relation between attitudes, intentions, and the perceived beliefs of others about adherence to cardiac therapy programs (Baird & Pierce). The problem that prompted this study was the need for continued research into self-care behaviors that enhance the abilities of men to adhere to program regimens because of the continued increase in non adherence and the high attrition rate among men in cardiac therapy programs (Baird & Pierce).

The article clearly identified the problem that prompted the research.

Why is the problem an important one for nursing to study?

The number of deaths attributed to CAD has decreased in recent years and the cost of health care and rehabilitation has increased. According to the American Heart Association (2000), the amount in direct and indirect costs spent in 1996 was $118.2 billion and costs continue to increase yearly (American Heart Association, 2000). Because of the tremendous physical and emotional impact of CAD, and the exorbitant cost of caring for its survivors, identifying the factors that influence adherence and self-care behaviors in this...