The Qualities of a Poor leader

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English II Honors

13 September 2002

A Poor Leader is Better Off as a Follower

Persons in positions of power, who do not possess the right qualities to become proficient as leaders, will never become successful role models. Throughout history, leaders are supposed to act as role models for the general population. People without the proper guidance can become poor leaders as a result of the negative influence of others. Certain qualities that define a poor leader are: decisions based on individual advancement, decisions made without listening to others, and a lack of confidence in the goals that set out to be achieved.

Typically, leaders that are not adept at their position do not lead for the welfare of the group. They focus only upon themselves advancing further in the career ladder or gaining only individual benefits. A poor leader can sometimes leave his assemblage in search of personal benefit.

This can sometimes cause further problems for the group as a result of the lack of leadership. One example of a poor leader that only led for personal goals is Christopher Columbus. Although a perceived successful leader and a determined one, he lacked the ability to think for the welfare of his supporters. During the period of Columbus' discovery of the Bahamas, he needed a way to show his sponsor, Queen Isabella, that his mission was not in vain. He discovered that the natives were not valuable as slaves because of their lack of immunities from common European diseases. Columbus set the island's inhabitants to work looking for gold. Columbus forced his crew to chop off of the natives' hands if the natives did not gather enough gold. His crew thought this to be cruel and inhuman, but Columbus continued this practice as a way of preserving his self-image...