Qualities required for a character to be considered a Homeric Hero

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There are many qualities a person must possess to be a Homeric hero. First, they must by vengeful. They must also be physically strong, and have a slightly overblown ego. However, they must also be wise, smart, and intelligent. Lastly, they are required to be very affluent. Odysseus fulfilled all of these qualities, in the book The Odyssey.

Odysseus was a vengeful person. He would often choose vengeance over anything else. Odysseus had to fight off many an enemy to save those he was fighting with. Odysseus avenged the death of his crew with "taunts" and blinding action, which almost get him killed. However, he chose vengeance over death (Book 9, lines 530-535). Odysseus chose vengeance over apparition. Money would have been justice, but Odysseus says, "Not if you paid me all you father's wealth-all you possess now, and all that you could pour in from the world's end-no, not even then would I stay my hands from slaughter till all you suitors had paid for all your crimes!" (Book 22 lines 64,68 67-68).

Odysseus again, chooses vengeance, though this time over fortune. When Odysseus returned from his war and captivity, he is very upset at the workers in his house who were disloyal to him. "You sluts-the suitors' whores!" he says to his disloyal workers before hanging them all "the women's heads were trapped in a line, nooses yanking their necks up, one by one, so all might die a pitiful ghastly death"(Book 22, line 490-504). Odysseus was very vengeful to those who caused trouble to him. He chooses vengeance over a variety of other gifts.

Another quality of a Homeric hero is their incredible strength, and slightly over blown ego. When Odysseus was watching the Phaeacians play their games a man came up to him and mocked his...