Quality Assurance - A Basic Introduction.

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Quality Assurance is a term that is naturally associated with the eminence, quality and the worth of any product. Prior to the twentieth century, Quality Assurance was the sole responsibility of the craftsperson, who built the product but later on a formal quality assurance and control function was introduced that included a proper approach towards the quality management. In today's global society, the quality of any product is an essential aspect in terms of its market value. In order to compete in the market, one has to work on improving productivity and the quality at the same time and this is what make quality assurance such an integral part in the making of any product. Today, Quality Assurance relies on measurement and continuous process improvement as key elements of quality management.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance, as mentioned above is a very important and integral part of the development of the product and stays on till its lifetime.

An explicit definition of Quality Assurance can be a process or a set of activities that will help ensure that every product that is being made exhibits a high quality level and ensures that the finished product is up to its mark.

Quality Assurance is a planned and systematic pattern of actions. It would typically consist of the auditing and reporting of functions of management. The goal of quality assurance is to provide management with the data necessary to be informed about the product's quality, thereby, gaining insight and confidence that the product is meeting its goals that were set for it.

The Importance of Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a very important activity for a business that produces products that are to be used by others. At present every company has mechanisms to ensure quality in its products. In fact, explicit statements...