Quality Control Systems.

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Executive Summary.

One of the main objectives as quality personnel at Food & Beverage Delights is to increase is to ensure the high quality of products is received by it loyal customers. This report aims to analyse the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses of Pepsi drinks (PD) and the threats put on it by rival beverage company Coca-Cola. It will explore the various internal and external channels that can be used to raise the quality of PD and how measures undertaken during the supply chain network can improve features of an already successful brand name.

Effective supply chain management along with customer responsiveness can increase awareness of poor quality drinks, which can will lead to the eradication of root problems and improve performance. In order to achieve this, careful planning and control is required.

Therefore, this report recommends a plan in which improved supply chain efforts are key to enhance customer service through increased frequency of reliable product deliveries.

1. Introduction.

Food and Beverage Delights (FBD) has been a proud retailer and supporter of Pepsi drinks (PD) for a number of years and it is the sole intention of the company to keep that long association going for many more.

While it needs be unwritten that PD undertakes the most stringent of quality control measures, whilst producing any of their products, it has come to light that many customers, of late, have been unhappy with the standard of PD. This as a result has had a most overwhelming effect on sales and in the process increased the popularity of rival Coca-Cola products. As Garvin (1988) suggests, product quality is rapidly becoming an important competitive issue.

In undertaking a thorough investigation for the reason(s) behind the sudden drop off in sales, FBD has provided this report to ensure that our long-standing relationship...