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Tahmineh Dehnani

Rebecca Adanuty

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23 September 2014

Qualities Of A Friend

All of the people in the world need to communicate with the other people. When people communicate with together, they can make friends. Good friend is very helpful. Sometimes people cannot find friend. If people have friends can talk with them. When somebody feel sad or have problem, friend can help them to improve their feeling. Keep friend is very important. There are three most important qualities of a friend: loyalty, honestly, trust.

First, loyalty is quality that everyone looks for in a friend. A loyalty friend will stick with you no matter what the situation is and you can always count on them being on your side. There are many ways you can show to friend about you are loyalty person. Is not different your friend is girl or boy. For example, when your friend has problem, and this problem is secret.

If you are loyalty, your friend can talk with you and say everything. After your friend talks with you, she or he is happy because your friend has loyalty friend. Moreover, usually friends live to the same city, but sometimes they have to live far from, and they do not live at the same city. When