Quality Healthcare: Pregnant Women Deserve It

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Quality Healthcare: Pregnant Women Deserve It

The quality of healthcare seems to be lacking in some areas these days. Quality care is one of the most significant nursing standards of modern time. Healthcare professionals should hold themselves accountable and at a high standard in order to provide the best possible care to their patients. Quality healthcare is lacking today because the profession is lacking in staff. There is a dire need for medical staff, and there are too many people needing care. Because of this, doctors and nurses are rushing through their patients to be able to get to the next one in a timely manner. This causes them to miss things that they necessarily would not have if they had the time to spend with their patients. This essay will focus on the quality of prenatal care and how it can be improved.

Every woman in this country should have a guarantee of high quality, affordable coverage.

Quality prenatal care is a service offered by the health care system to ensure healthy development of the baby as it matures in the mother's body. Unfortunately prenatal care can be costly and thus, is not a realistic option for some women due to a lack of insurance or resources. The extent to this problem is very severe for those who do not have access or financial means to prenatal care. The United States are one of the only industrialized nations who do not offer health care coverage for every individual (Wikipedia.com). A first step in overcoming poverty is to ensure pregnant women that they have the support they need (Office of Domestic Social Development).

Policy makers should be concerned about this issue because sick, poor, pregnant women are at the mercy of the health care...