Quality Improvement Implementation.

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Quality Improvement Implementation

Sarah Burney

Lisa Burton

Karen Gilyard

Farrah Overman

Teresa Robinson

University of Phoenix: MGT 449

Instructor: George Monk

April 16, 2007


Quality Improvement Implementation

Riordan Manufacturing Total Quality Management (TQM) is defined as "a movement, an industrial discipline, and a set of techniques for improving the quality of processes. TQM emphasizes constant measures and statistical techniques to help improve and then maintain the output quality of processes" (BPTrends, 2007). Part of the TQM that Riordan Manufacturing must monitor is the tools implemented to provide quality service and product to our customers and within the organization.

In this paper, the team has listed the steps for quality management process improvement and implementation plan. The team has identified a variation within the process and explained how identifying and controlling variation is integral to TQM. The team has examined the quality tools for identifying and monitoring process variability and provides examples.

The 10 steps to Quality Management (TQM) that Riordan Manufacturing will follow are:

Pursue new strategic thinking.

Know our customers.

Set true customers requirements.

Concentrate on prevention, not correction.

Reduce chronic waste.

Pursue a continuous improvement strategy.

Use structured methodology for process improvement

Reduce variation

Use a balanced approach.

Apply to all functions.

As a business Riordan understands that the organization must follow these steps to Quality Management as outlined. If Riordan follows these steps it will ensure that as a business the organization will function and maintain the standards that they have worked for.

Riordan Variation

Riordan Manufacturing Company realized early that 80% of their problems in production department were due to 20% common causes or special causes. Subsequently to benchmarking Riordan raw materials inventory in manufacturing, Riordan realized that most of their rework cost could be attributed to the organization...