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Riordan Manufacturing is an industry leader in plastics. One of the most important fundamentals in creating a successful business is having happy, satisfied customers that keep coming back. Improvement and learning can be directed toward better products and services. Team C will present the following quality improvement ideas to the Riordan's Executive Management team for targeted improvement: an outline of quality improvement steps, define and identify possible variations, examine the quality tools for identifying and monitoring process variability, and identify the TQM model or methodology for process improvement.

TQM OutlineTo acquire TQM, Riordan management methodology has to be supported and has to be the goal of each and every individual within the organization. This can be achieved through the continuous improvement of the task and activities of a process or many processes inside of Riordan, which can have a significant effect on the customer's satisfaction. Management at Riordan has taken the proper steps to ensure that the quality of workmanship will lead to the end result of customer approval.

Strategic planning and process analysis are some of the actions that have been taken place with the organization to achieve TQM. Process improvement models and methodologies have been analyzed, along with the importance of variations in TQM, that have led to the formation of the steps necessary to adopt a quality management system in Riordan that will improve quality. The 10 steps to Quality Management (TQM) that Riordan Manufacturing will follow are:1. Pursue new strategic thinking.

2. Know our customers.

3. Set true customers requirements.

4. Concentrate on prevention, not correction.

5. Reduce chronic waste.

6. Pursue a continuous improvement strategy.

7. Use structured methodology for process improvement8. Reduce variation9. Use a balanced approach.

10. Apply to all functions.

Riordan VariationRiordan Manufacturing Company realized early that...