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Riordan Manufacturing has always been a forward thinking company and we now face higher competition than ever before. To combat this situation and stay a leader in our industry we are instituting a Total Quality Management System in order to ensure our products not only meet specification, but consistently improve on our current design and continue to make it to market faster than our competitors while keeping our high quality level. This paper will discuss what Riordan Manufacturing is doing as a business intity to institute a comprehensive TQM system and what steps we are taking to improve our processes within the company. It will review what TQM methodologies we have accepted as best practice for the company and the path forward on those processes and how they align with our business goals and objectives.

Steps of Quality Management Process Improvement and Implementation PlanFor Riordan Manufacturing to be more innovative, a thorough plan needs to be implemented to do well in their business.

An outline of the quality management process improvement and implementation plan will aid in reaching Riordan Manufacturing's goals. The following are the steps to take to properly plan for quality management process improvement and how to implement this into Riordan Manufacturing.

The first step a quality improvement process is to determine what the problem is that Riordan Manufacturing is experiencing. The concept would be to find problems to fix that would benefit the company. If it would not be a benefit, then it would not be worth investing time into to fix. The next step to process improvement would be to gain evidence surrounding the problem. People from within Riordan Manufacturing will be more likely to accept there are problems if decision makers can see evidence of the problem rather than assumptions being proposed to them. Next,