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Although successful, Kudler Foods is looking to implement a quality improvement program. In order for quality improvement program to be successful, the process will involve a strategic-level of preparation from the organization and a high level of commitment and support from the leadership. As far as quality is concerned with the products or service, a strong focus must be in place to meet the expectations of the customer. This Paper will give an outline of the quality management process improvement and implementation plan, define the variations, examine the quality tools to be used, and identify a TQM method that will be used to implement the quality improvement.

Outline of ProcessKudler Foods identifies the benefits of implementing quality in its processes to ensure customer satisfaction. In an effort to show total commitment to quality improvement and implementation, Kathy Kudler established a process improvement team to analyze and recommend a process improvement strategy.

The process improvement team presents data collected clearly indicating a need of improvement in the inventory system. The teams recommended process improvement strategy received a unanimous acceptance from management to implement.

To implement the plan into the current inventory system, Kathy Kudler will assure total commitment through educational tools empowering staff to support all aspects of the project. A Quality Assurance team will be assigned to oversee all elements of the strategy. The Information Systems department will incorporate Point of Sales Systems and be responsible for the training of staff.

Close relationships with suppliers will be closely monitored by management to guarantee success with the inventory control process. A team of inspectors will inspect all the products to assure that quality is being met by suppliers. Lastly, strategies will be implemented to make certain that processes are meeting quality standards set by management. These items will include checklists, flowcharts,