Quality Improvement Implementation Paper

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Quality Improvement Implementation Paper


Quality Improvement Implementation

Hartman Industries, LLC is an industry leader in the field of plastic injection molding. The company has been known to have a detailed, extreme precision, and high quality control standards (Hartman Industries, LLC, 2009). Hartman Industries has reached great success by applying Six Sigma and ISO 9000 standards in the past; the company strives in keeping up to date with frequent research and growth. As successful a company may be it is recommended that all companies establish new quality systems frequently. The following paper will suggest Hartman Industries a proposal for implementation of a quality system called ISO 9004. Along with the proposal; process of implementation, benefits of the ISO 9004, flow chart, implementation plan, and quality tools used during the implementation process will be discussed.

Process of ISO 9004 for organizational improvement

ISO 9004 focus is designing, development, and maintenance of a continual quality improvement processes for organizations. It outlines or directs an organization with quality management and defines how an organization may incorporate a system of measurement or benchmarking of the organization's own choosing. ISO 9004 is a process-based approach to quality management and encourages measurements to be formed by meeting the needs of customers or customer feedback. ISO 9001 gives a wider or broader foundation to build quality management into a company's processes, in which ISO 9004 further defines the continuity of and detailed approach (Babicz, 2001).

IS0 9004 includes a series of requirements to maintain continuity of quality management for the long term. The first of these requirements is to develop an improvement plan. The improvement plan includes enhancing the ability to meet customer's needs or expectations. The plan also will...