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Quality is a concept that is not easily defined. Everyone has his or her own concept of what quality is perceived. JPS Health Network defines quality in healthcare as, “being in partnership with customers, defining and meeting needs in order to achieve mutual goals." (2001) Each person has his or her own definition of quality, and some may be more stringent or defined than others. Nowhere is quality more important than in healthcare as healthcare quality can affect an individual’s current and future health needs. What follows is an example of how healthcare quality can make a patient feel comfortable and make the task of providing healthcare easier.

Recently, I called to make an appointment for my annual check up. Quality in healthcare begins from first contact, and in this case it was apparent. The individual who took my appointment was professional, and met my needs as far as the time and date of my appointment.

This ensured that the experience I had started by booking this appointment was a positive one. On the date of my appointment, the staff was courteous and professional as well, as I arrived to check in. The waiting area was comfortable and accommodating. I believe that quality is reflected in all aspects of a facility, and as such had the wait area been too small or uncomfortable, it would have had an adverse effect on the visit. By ensuring a comfortable wait, this facility provided an oft overlooked aspect in quality.

As the time drew near to my scheduled appointment, a technician came out into the waiting area and called my name. As I followed the tech through the labyrinthine hallways where the exam rooms are located, the tech made polite conversation and asked how my wait was. This further enforced that quality standard...