Quality Management

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1- Definition of Quality ----------------------------------------------------------- 3

1.1.1. Benefits of Quality-------------------------------------------------------4

1.1.2. Requirements of Quality-------------------------------------------------4

2- Definition of Competitive advantage----------------------------------------- 5

3- Laserco Case Study---------------------------------------------------------------8

4- Competitive advantage US versus Japan------------------------------------- 13

5- Definition of Six Sigma -------------------------------------------------------- 14

5.1 Case Example of GE---------------------------------------------------------14

6- Criteria of sustainable competitive advantage------------------------------- -16

7- Conclusion------------------------------------------------------------------------ 18

8- References---------------------------------------------------------------------------19

9 -Bibliography ------------------------------------------------------------------------20

10 Appendixes--------------------------------------------------------------------------21

10.1 TQM at HSBC

10.2 ISO/TS 16949:2002 Updated

10.3 Is TQM enough for Competitive advantage

10.4 Case studies involving implementation of ISO 9000



It can be defined in five different ways such as:

Transcendent Definition (Relative quality)

Quality is universally recognizable; it is related to a comparison of features and characteristics of products.

This means quality can be determined by comparing two products by looking at their features and properties and this matters for all different products. The product who will be more beneficial in terms of it's chart eristic is said to be a quality product.


Quality is a precise and measurable variable. Differences in quality reflect differences in quantity of some product attribute.

In terms of product when we describe quality it is said to be a quantum variable which can be defined depending upon the performances in the market.

User-Based Definition

Quality is ''fitness for intended use''

When we define quality in terms of user or the customer it means the ultimate satisfaction that been achieved to user by the products by compare to other similar products in the market.

Manufacturing-Based Definition

Quality is ''conformance to specification.''

In terms of manufacturing quality is referred when the specified product been obtained by the manufacturing unit as they were asked to make. In simple terms quality definition with respect to manufacturing means to achieve the given specification.

Value-Based Definition...