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Outcome 3.2: Evaluate the benefit of user and non-user surveys in determining customer needs


Users are customers who are using products or services of Mattel. Main purpose of user survey is achieving customer's satisfaction. User survey is used to capture customers' characteristics and patterns in order to understand clearly their need, want and expectation from the products/services. Then, Mattel can improve their current facilities and services. It can identify current trend of market and forecast potential market; therefore they can avoid unattractive products and focus more on favourite products. Mattel can redesign price and quality of products/services to be suitable with how much customers are willing to pay. User survey is also a tool to introduce new products/services and develop new products/services depended on responses of customers. Another benefit is improving Mattel's image.

User survey is more important than non-user survey. When customers know more clearly about Mattel products/services, they know exactly their expectation so they can bring useful answers.

Non Users are also customers but they don't interest in products/ services or can afford to them. Non-user survey is used to collect non-user profiles and their impacts in order to serve user survey. Mattel can determine what barriers are to access customers and why products/services don't attract customers' attention. Then, Mattel will have suitable marketing strategy and redesign products/services to satisfy customers' expectation while still qualifying the standards of Mattel. The responses of non-users may be not convincing because customer don't know much about Mattel.

Therefore, Mattel should take effort to combine both user and non-user survey to cover its advantages and disadvantages' products/services to have best result of determining customer needs.


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