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As the same time with the development of Vietnam, Information Technology (IT) is becoming a most important thing to impulse that development. Therefore, in a short time, there are many models of IT center areas that are invested much. Quang Trung Software City (QTSC) is the first place that is invested for that impulsion strategy.


The QTSC has an area of 40 hectares with many green spaces and will be expanded by 10 hectares possible some day.

It is able to reach from International Airport Tan Son Nhat in 15 minutes and from District 1 in 30 minutes.

QTSC with its location is easier to become the need of application of software companies and services in Hochiminh City and in the southern key economic region.

QTSC is the largest place for IT and the second largest scientific and educational center in Vietnam. QTSC will make Hochiminh becoming a real software city of Vietnam and in the region in the 21st century support QTSC.

"It can facilitate about 20,000 software developers after completion".


In July 2000, base on Decision of People's Committee of Hochiminh City, Quang Trung Software City (QTSC) is established as the biggest software model in the South of Vietnam.

QTSC is establish as the good plan for Hochiminh's economic development with 12 main point programs in period 2001-2005 with many special period policies from Government.

Official opening ceremony and operation of QTSC on March 16th, 2001. Seven buildings are available for rent. Networking system of International direct gateway 2Mbsp with QTSC's own firewall provided all service ports and bandwidth will be reached customers' inquiries.

QTSC is one of the good places for studying, training and practice in Vietnam. In December 2001, QTSC expected to train 1,000 software developers working here,