Queen Elizabeth vs. Modern Women

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Dr. Nancy Atkinson

Survey of English Literature

14 November 2014

Movie - Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth- Quote: " I have the body of a weak and feeble woman; but I have the heart and stomach of a king."

Queen Elizabeth reined England for forty-four years known as the Elizabethan Era. Throughout the years she created stability and a sense of national identity. Even though she was a woman, she had no desire to share power with a spouse or get married. She sat back and observed her older relatives reign and saw many problems with a royal marriage. Time after time individuals under her advised her to married but she simply replied she was married to her job and her people. She was known as the "Virgin Queen" because she never married. She is the most famous monarch today because she never depended on a man to do the job she knew she could do better herself.

Much like today's society and Queen Elizabeth's whole forty-four year reign, it is still a man's world. Even though we live in the United Stated, and have equal rights, people today still see men as the superior figures. Even though they might be superior, in this present day world, women do not rely on men like they use to. Women are independent much like Elizabeth. Woman has taken on a lot of the "mans" roles. Women do not always stay home and keep they family anymore, women are expected to earn a degree and support the household with their husband or even dependably. Women are educated, strong willed and work every day so they do not have to depend on a man to be successful. Women can vote and have all the same rights of a man and...