Queen Kristina Of Sweden 1626-1689

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Kristina Wasa was born on the 8th of December in 1626. She is the daughter of Gustav II Adolf Wasa and Maria Eleonora. Kristina's father was participating in a war with Denmark in Lützen, were he died drowning in cold water under ice in 1632. After that Maria Eleonora heard about her husband's death she hung herself.

Kristina was likely to be crowned queen of Sweden but since she was too young, a group of commoners with the leader Axel Oxenstiärna, ruled for Kristina until she was old enough to handle things.

Growing up was hard for Kristina. She learnt languages like French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish and to read Latin. There was this French philosopher, scientist and mathematician she had been sending letters to. He came often to visit Queen Kristina. But after some time he became very ill and died. Kristina was blamed for his death only because it was cold in Sweden.

Kristina also learnt a lot about Philosophy and Religion. She was very educated. But her weakness was handling money. She spent things on pleasure only! She made big party's to celebrate her and her educated mind! Kristina was raised Lutheran and came from a Lutheran family.

But she didn't like the Lutheran rules and its religious ideas. She wanted to be catholic.

Catholics are like nuns. They don't want to get involved in a relationship with any one except God! So in 1650 when she was asked by her political adviser/commoners to marry some one and get kids, she refused to. (She became catholic in secret).

Kristina prefered to be Catholic, but the problem was that every one in Sweden was Lutheran. She couldn't rule a country were she doesn't have or feel for the same religion.

She begins to seriously consider abdicating her throne. Her cousin Karl Gustav was to take over the thrown after Kristina had left. When he was crowned in 1660 and became king he was then called Karl X Gustav.

Kristina was travelling to some places in Europe. She confessed at last to every one in Innsbruck, Austria.

Then she finally made it to Italy (Rome) where she became Catholic for real! She went to a catholic school and passed! Her life went on. She tried to become queen in other catholic countries but never succeeded. Queen Kristina died in Rome were she was buried in the St. Peters church.